A History of ‘Products’ and ‘Trusts’

by enhancing customer’s Health and lifestyle.


Since 1965


 Top leading noodle company in Korea, Nongshim

Through accumulated knowhow in picking out top quality ingredients and mastery in preserving the original flavors unique to each ingredient, Nongshim has captured the palates of Koreans and people all around the world.


The market share in Korean domestic instant noodle market in 2013 66.5%

Nongshim Noodle is exported to over 90 countries in the World.


Healthy Noodle Maker Nongshim

Nongshim is bringing positive change to the instant noodle market by

developing and marketing healthy products such as those with

rice noodles containing 80 percent rice and non-fried noodles.


Cultural Fit Products

To be close to all consumers including people in particular cultures

of the world, Nongshim has kept making efforts to develop customized

products which certify Halal, and VeganWith these Halal and Vegan

certified products, we are expanding out market to South East,

Middle east, and India.